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Date: January 2012

Hello, my name is
Tom, and I served for five years with the Roxboro Volunteer Fire Brigade (1976-1981)

After searching the Internet many times over the years; and seeing no website for the brigade; we eventually decided to start this Internet association.

Of course, we have designed our own association logo; however, you may click HERE to view an image of the original RVFB crest; which was worn on our red jackets.

We have added more than two hundred new photos to our site, thanks to Volunteer Firefighter Bill Morrison, who took these pictures during the late 70's and early 80's. We also welcome any photos and reminiscences from former members of the brigade.


Here is a partial list of Volunteer firefighters:

Jerzy Adamczyk, Jim Ainscow, Georges Alary, Pierre Alary, Georges Authier, David Bailey, Ron Banks, Bill Barrett, Gilles Bélisle, John Belvedere, Ian Broadley, John Brophy, Stéphane Brunet, Claude Chaussé, Roger Clavette, Tom Colette, Michel Cormier, Cam Crawford, Guy Curadeau, Rick Curran, J. Daouphars, Glenn Davis, John Dawson, Peter Dawson, Michel DeBonville, Wally Delaney, Michel Delorme, Don Doherty, Joe Donich, Harry Doyle, Bill Enright, John Floud, Jean Guy Gauthier, Roger Emile Gauthier, Teddy Gauthier, Roger Gingras, Mike Gougeon, Vic Gray, Barton Guyot, Gerry High, Bert Huculak, Derek Humby, Norman Hunt, Doug Jennex, John Jennex, Frank Jensen, Stan Kasberuk, John Kimpton, Brian Lafleur, Glen Lafleur, Jean Jacques Lafrance, Mark Lebel, Lucien Lecourt, Nina Leduc, George Lee, Daniel Legault, Réal Lépine, Joel Libersan, Tom Lipscombe, Bruce MacDonald, Mike Marcille, Lawrence McAdams, Reverend Bill McCarthy, Bruce Mitchell, Bill Morrison, Gary Murray, Alex Nagy, Alex Nimmo, Don Ouellette, Andre Pelletier, Darrel Perrin, Charles Plouffe, Paul Poce, M. Poirier, Paul Pouthier, Ken Rhodes, Doug Robertson, Rick Robertson, Craig Ross, P. Sauvé, Derek Seaman, Bob Surprenant, Russell Thayer, Bob Thomson, Rolly Thorpe, Claude Vincent, Pierre Voinson, Richard Wandelt, R. White, Bev Wood.

Mayor Bill Boll & Bob Leggett - Honorary members

Please contact me to add other names to this list.

Here is my Email Address: [email protected]

Click HERE for updated Brigade News & Memorial Notices


Please Note:
This website is dedicated to the memory of Captain Bill Barrett
the only member of our brigade to lose his life in the line of duty
(Sept. 30. 1961)

Click HERE for:
a brief biography of Capt. Joseph William Barrett
Click HERE for:
a News story about the above mentioned firefighter
Click HERE for:
3 emails received during Sept. 2011 from the Barrett family
Click HERE for:
Commemorative Plaque to be installed in Station #58

Click HERE to see a recent (2005) photo of Rolly Thorpe


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keeping the memory alive of the:
Roxboro Volunteer Fire Brigade
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Please Note:
The four photos above to be changed on the first of each month

Click HERE to listen to LIVE SCANNER of:
The Montreal Fire Department
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Click HERE for a brief history of:
the Roxboro Volunteer Fire Brigade

(Above) Roxboro Town Hall on Commercial Centre, Roxboro, QC

(Above) Roxboro Fire Station on Commercial Centre, Roxboro, QC
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Click HERE for a more detailed History of the town of Roxboro

Here are all the fire station logos from Montreal on this video (below)

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